Use Your TomTom to "Route" for Your Team!

The idea is simple: Modify any TomTom custom color scheme so that the route and turn arrows are displayed with your favorite team's colors. Suggested color schemes for all Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL) teams can be downloaded here: The map colors are my day scheme based (very loosely) on Mapquest colors. Click here for sample screen shots. Alternatively, you can modify your own color scheme by substituting team colors in lines 14-15 and 56-57 of the custom color (.CLR) file for that scheme. Sample RGB values for MLB and NFL team colors can be found here: Note: The RGB values (colors) are approximate and may need to be tweaked to display properly on your device.
For help with installing custom color schemes on your TomTom device, see the instructions here.

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San Francisco Giants
2010 World Series Champs!
San Francisco Giants
New York Jets
Super Bowl XLV Champs? (Afraid not.)
San Francisco Giants

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